Terms and Conditions

Event date: Saturday, December 4, 2021
Event time: 2pm – 7pm

All vendors conducting sales must provide their Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (ATPT) number.

Vendors are required to provide their own setup (i.e. tables, tents, chairs, etc). Only the space (10’x10′ ) is provided.
If using a pop up tent, please bring weights to anchor down your tent. Vendor booths will be located on asphalt and does not allow for stakes.
Electricity and water will not be supplied.
Vendors will be provided with a designated vendor space location for the Queen Creek Holiday Festival and Parade. Upon check-in, vendors will be given their space assignment. Vendors must set up in their designated space.
Vendors are required to be operational for the entire duration of the event. Vendors who close prior to the conclusion of the event may be prohibited from future Holiday Festival and Parades. 

Insurance requirements
Vendors providing activities/services must provide a certificate of insurance.

Vendors understand that the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club of Queen Creek, will not be held responsible for sales, weather, or other unforeseen revenue losses and does not guarantee revenues or numbers of festival patrons. This is a rain or shine event.
There will be no refunds given.
Vendors agree to abide by all directions and instructions by Queen Creek Holiday and Parade staff/volunteers.
Vendors understand they may be shutdown without refund for violating any terms stated or different activity than stated in application. 

I hereby state that I have read, understand, and agree to comply with all event regulations. I understand that failure to abide by these rules could result in probation and/or exclusion from all future Holiday Festival and Parades.
I as the authorized agent for the above named organization, agree to hold the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club of Queen Creek, and Town of Queen Creek harmless for theft of, damage to, loss or destruction of merchandise, materials, equipment or personal property which I may have on the grounds of the event site. I also understand the Queen Creek Holiday Festival and Parade does not guarantee vendor exclusivity and may have multiple vendors who provide a similar product/service. I also certify that the above named organization is in compliance with all state health regulations, and, if applicable, operations are appropriately permitted by Maricopa County. All applications are subject to acceptance by the Queen Creek Holiday Festival and Parade. All vendor acceptance decisions are final.

Clean up:
Vendors are responsible for clean-up at the end of the event by removing all equipment, supplies & trash, and leaving the public space in the same or better condition as initially presented. 
While there will be public trash cans out, vendors must bring their own trach receptacles, trash bags and be responsible for disposing of their own trash.
Unapproved dumping will result in a cleanup charge equal to time and material used, and future vending with the Holiday Festival and Parade will be prohibited.